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Equipment Maintenance

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Most pool owners don’t really know how much is required to keep their pool in good, safe, working condition. This is often why they tend to experience problems and require many repairs. Mesa Pool Service Pro can help prevent break downs of your pool by assuming responsibility for the maintenance of your equipment. Keeping the pool equipment in good condition will prevent the pool from experiencing problems, which will result in your inability to use it. With our help, we can keep your pool running smoothly, without malfunctioning.


Pool Pump Maintenance

Your pool pump doesn't require as much maintenance as other parts of your pool. It is because most of them are self-priming, which means that they don't have to be filled with water before the summer pool season begins. However, the pump does have parts inside that will require regular cleanings to keep the debris from building up. If you hire us to maintain your equipment, we can keep the basket inside the pumps, clean. We will also inspect the basket's O-ring to make sure that it is not deteriorating. When damages are found, then our technician will quickly jump into action to make the needed repairs.


Pool Filter Maintenance

There are three main types of filters on a pool, diatomaceous earth, cartridge, and sand. It doesn’t really matter which type of filter your pool has, it will need regular cleaning to keep the water clean. How often you use your pool and the type of filter it has will dictate how frequently you need to have your filter cleaned. This type of cleaning may occur monthly, three times a year, and sometimes, four times per year. We can look at your filter and determine how often your filter should be cleaned.


Pool Heater Maintenance

Your pool heater is among the equipment that will need the least maintenance. A gas pool heater will usually last for up to 2 years before it has to be serviced. However, an electric heater can last for longer than that. However, it is still important to have the manual inspected regardless of which type of pool heater that you have. If we notice that your pool is no longer heating up, we will inspect the heater tubes, because there may be a problem caused by flow restriction. This may require us to take it apart and clean the tubes.


Affordable Pool Maintenance

If you care about the condition of your pool, then we hope to hear from you at Mesa Pool Service Pro. You can't afford to take care of your pool if you want to keep it around for as long as possible. We can take care of any part of your pool equipment maintenance that you would like or create a pool equipment maintenance plan that is specific to the needs of your pool. To ensure that you can enjoy your pool whenever you would like, make sure you are allowing a qualified pool technician to maintain the equipment for you.

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